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Sheltered by the natural harbour of Boulogne sur mer, the resort of Le Portel-Plage is characterized by its sandy beach of 1.5 miles , cleaned 365 days a year. With its friendly side, it offers you all trumps to spend a family holiday . Lovers of water or sports activities , children like parents will make happy in natural and preserved surroundings. Shared between the seaside pleasures, the walks in the numerous parks and gardens or in the discovery of the historical sites , you offer a great moment of relaxation and healing before enjoying a programme rich in events
     expanse of sand, heaven for the children and sports people
     the « Centre d’Animation Jeunesse »
     The ” Fort de l’Heurt”, built by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1803
     The “Barsiers Portelois”
City Map
A preserved natural environment ...
and a flamboyant floral

Nestled at the foot of a cliff and protected by the dike separating Le Portel-Plage from the Boulogne sur mer ‘s harbour, the Portel-Plage’s beach will offers you at high tide its stretch of fine sand to 1.5 miles long, and conducive to a relaxing session at the option of a light sea breeze bringing you all the active iodine necessary for your healing. At low tide , the beach will reveal natural and exceptional surroundings , calling you to the discovery of the mussel fishing in the Fort de l’Heurt ( the greatest natural reserve of mussels in the Opal Coast) or still of the shrimp fishing. This vast expanse of hard sand when the tide goes out becomes a veritable playground for children and families (bowls competition, sandcastles ...) but also for sportsmen and sportswomen of all kinds (beach volleyball, football, jogger ...). More on: the beach is labelled "Tourism and Handicap", free availability of special equipments and seahorses for disabled ...

Rewarded with three flowers in the competition of cities and in-bloom villages, the resort of Le Porte-Plage invites you to a walk through a coloured city centre. This walk will lead you in numerous garden, above all through the “Passage du Petit Golf” , real peaceful islet of the town, busy for the sitting of photographs for the wedding’s days. Located in the hollow of the resort, in the extension of this garden, you will discover thus, in the “ Square Ansel” , an amazing flowers’ river, memory of the stream “ Le Tihen” , which pass through the town in the 19th century , and which was the cradle of the economic activity. Then, your walk will continue in the “ Jardin Public”, where each year, our gardeners are bubbling with imagination to stage their culture.

The “ Parc de la Falaise” … a terrace on the sea
Overhanging the sea , the “ Parc de la Falaise” , with its 27 hectares, is the green lung of the resort. The “ Parc” is divided into 2 zones. A high zone with appearances of public garden, whose long alleys are an invitation to a walk with the family or still a real training pitch for sports people. The kids are kings, kids are kings, they can grow through the great grassy plains or enjoy the many playgrounds. The second zone, called low, remained on the floor wild. Then discover the flora and fauna of the coast. Moreover, a 7000 m² pond hosts migratory birds on their long journey. Park both relaxation and informative, a must see ( or to see absolutely) !

More on the “Parc de la Falaise”:

free land of joélettes for disabled
mini-golf ( not free)
walks with ponys ( not free)
enclosure with animals ( sheeps, goats…)
Fair of “ Parc de la Falaise” ( in June) with concerts, shows…
Guinguettes of the Parc on Sundays afternoons in July and in August
A sandy beach with many attractions… Rocked by invigorating air
Do not miss…
Land of history and traditions…
 Even if it is only in 1856 , date of the creation of the city of Le Portel, the name of “ Le Portel” entered in the history in 1545 , when François the 1st is considering taking again Boulogne to the English people , and that Maréchal du Biez charged to organize the works of fortification fixed in Le Portel , is hamlet  of Outreau.

Strategic place, due to its localization in the south of the harbour of Boulogne, then Le Portel will see setting up in diverse places of the fortifications of defence. The town will live from the rhythm of the history of France, and its identity will build from Napoleon to the German occupation in the Second World War. In spite of its animated and historical past , Le Portel will stay attached to its maritime heritage . Village of fishermen , the town will stay it until the beginning of the 20th century, where fewer and fewer the modernization and the villages take over..



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Le Fort de l’Heurt: During his stay of the Great Army in the Camp of Boulogne, Bonaparte built in 1803 on the bedrock of Heurt in full sea, a fort whose we still see the ruins. Bonaparte cleared off the camp in 1805 and the fort was disarmed under the Restauration. It will find again its military function during the Second World War where it will be occupied by the German soldiers. Currently, the site is a stroll and discovery’s place of the marine environment in low tide.

Le Fort d’Alprech: After the French-Prussian war of 1870, the former fortifications being become obsolete , Aldophe Thiers , the 1st President of the Third Republic , created a Defence Committee for the realization of “ more modern” fortifications. So, General Séré de Rivières will be in charge of this project and will give his name to this fortifications. The Alprech’s battery will be thus built in 1878 so as to protect the harbour of Boulogne . Some visits by audio guides are available for the site.

The traditional costumes: A kept inheritance . Each year, during the blessing of the sea, we attend the procession of ladies dressed of their traditional costume with the brilliant colours and with the magnificent chiselled golden jewels. Some costumes of Spanish inspiration , Le Portel having welcomed some castaways of the “ Invincible Armada” during the attack of Phillipe the 2nd of Spain in 1588 against England. Theses costumes are exhibited in the Town Hall .

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